Patriot graves marked by the Thousand Island Chapter, ESSSAR: 2017.

Stephen Shew

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DAR # A103601, Findagrave: 51395251.

Stephen Shew was born in 1761 in Montgomery county, NY. In June 1778 he was defending a small settlement 18 miles east of Johnstown while serving under Captain Samuel Rees, Colonel Vischer's regiment.. Word was received that Tories and Indians from Canada were raiding the area. In the defense of the village Stephen and several others were captured and taken to Canada. The prisoners were exchanged by way of Boston in December 1778. From 1779 to 1782, he served a total of 12 months in Captain Littel's company, Colonel Vischer's regiment. In 1781 he took part in the defense of Johnston. The Battle of Hall Field took place a short distance from the Fort. The enemy was forced to retreat and Stephen and others pursued them, capturing several of their rear guard. He received pension S*W1090 for his service.
He married first Rachel Sammons, 1758-1800, who is buried in Sammons cemetery, Mohawk, NY. About 1802 in Saratoga county NY, he married Susannah Wells, 1778-1858. He died 27 March 1841 in Wilna, Jefferson, NY and is buried in Lake School Road cemetery, now part of Ft. Drum, next to Susannah.
Grave marked by J. D. Menges, 1000 Islands Chapter ESSSAR.

Jerahmeel Cummings

Photo not available DAR# A028548 Findagrave: 75723456.
Burial Location: N 43.96661° W 07.69141°

Jerathmel Cummings was born 23 September 1749 in Nottingham, NH. He served for Vermont under Capt Samuel Stow Savage and Col. Ebenezer Woods in the 3rd Regiment. He was a Lieutenant in the VT militia that marched from Windsor, VT 16 March 1781. In 1782 he was part of the force marched in scouts and alarms on Col. Woods orders.
He married Deborah Kendall. 30 April 1771 in Dunstable, Middlesex, MA. Jerathmel died 20 July 1817 in Champion, Jefferson, NY and is buried there in Hillside cemetery. Deborah Kendall Cummings. 13 May 1751 – 12 January 1815, is buried in Sheddsville Cemetery, Sheddsville, VT, FAG# 75720735.
Marked by Bruce Coyne, T.I. Chapter, ESSSAR.

William Huntington

Photo not available DAR# A060732, FAR# 53712695
Burial location: N 43.97481° W 075.86526°

William Huntington was born 19 September 1757 in Tolland, Hartford, CT. He served three years fifer for CT. as a fifer, enlisting at Tolland, CT on or about April 1777. He was attached to Captain Hinkley's company, Col. Webb's regiment. Later this regiment was commanded by Col Sherman of General Huntington's Brigade of Continental troops. He was discharged 23 February 1780 at Springfield< NJ. His discharge is included in this pension file. For his service, he received pension S13490. He married first Prescendia Lathrop, 1761-1810, and second, Elvira, 1763-1833, widow of Alonson Dresser. William died 11 May 1842 in Watertown, NY and is buried in Huntingtonville Cemetery. It is believed Prescendia and Elvira are buried there but their stones are destroyed.
Marked by Steve Guy, TI Chapter ESSSAR.

Joseph Hopkins

Photo not available Photo not available
DAR# A058090 FAG# 82504301
Burial location: N 43.93843° W 075.80618°

Joseph Hopkins was born 9 January 1760 in Waterbury, CT, the son of Joseph and Hepsibah Clark Hopkins. He served as a private for CT. under Lieut. Isaac Benham and Lieut Col Baldwin in the 10th regiment. Joseph married Ruth Gilbert, 1768-1841. He died 20 February 1829 in Rutland Center, NY and is buried in Maplewood cemetery, Town of Rutland, Jefferson county, NY. Ruth is buried beside him.
Marked by Bruce Coyne, T.I. Chapter, ESSSAR

Solomon Tuttle

Photo not available Photo not available
DAR# A117459 Findagrave# 77734471
Burial location: N 43.93887° W 075.80602°

Solomon Tuttle was born 20 August 1746 in Farmington, CT, the son of Gershom and Tabitha Mitchell Tuttle. He enlisted for 3 years in May 1777 as a private in Captain Mattocks company under Col. John Chandler's regiment of CT line. Solomon was stationed at Peekskill, NY on the Hudson river. He also served under Capt. Higgins in Col. Douglass' regiment of CT line. In 1818 Solomon received pension 2184 for his service. This pension is also listed as S42539. He married Sarah Matthews, 1763-1808, in 1781. She is buried beside him. Solomon's DAR file shows his wife as Eunice but I could not find other references to her. He died 24 September 1828 in Rutland, NY and is buried there in Maple Hill cemetery, Town of Rutland.
Marked by Steve Guy, TI Chapter ESSSAR.

John Prentice

Photo not available DAR# A092685 Findagrave# 77643978
Burial location: N 43.91684° W 075.74132°

John Prentice was born 27 August 1734 in Massachusetts. He fought for CT as a private under Captain Eliezer Prentice, Col. McClellan's regiment. He married Dorothy Sexton, 1740 – 1839, in 1762 in Somers, Tolland, CT. John died 6 June 1810 in Champion, NY and is buried in South Champion cemetery, Town of Rutland, NY. It is believed Dorthy is buried next to him but her stone has been destroyed.
Marked by Bruce Coyne, T.I. Chapter, ESSSAR

William Gardner

Photo not available Photo not available
DAR# A043916 Findagrave# 77441399
Burial Location: N 43.87170° W 075.85138°

William Gardner was born 12 February 1758 in East Greenwich, Kent, RI, the son of John and Ruth Gardner. For his service William received pension S23649. He is listed on the 1835 Census of Pensioners for New York, having served in the Rhode Island militia as a corporal and lieutenant. He was living in Lewis county and had been placed on the pension rolls 16 Jan 1833. He married Ester Nichols, 1758-1832, on 27 February 1780 in East Greenwich, Kent, RI. William died 19 July 1840 in Pickney, Lewis, NY and is buried in East Rodman cemetery, Rodman, Jefferson, NY. Ester is buried beside him. Both stone are broken.
Marked by Bruce Coyne, T.I. Chapter, ESSSAR

John Peck

Photo not available Photo not available
DAR# A087557 Findagrave# 60742956
Burial location: N 43.87147° W 075.85153°

John Peck was born in Stratford, CT on 2 April 1747. He served in the Connecticut militia. John married first Mary Brooks, 1750-1819, and then Abigail Seeley, 1754-1829. Both are buried next to him. John Peck died 18 January 1830 in East Rodman, NY and is buried in the East Rodman cemetery.
Marked by Steve Guy, TI Chapter ESSSAR.

Jesse Wright

Photo not available Photo not available
DAR# A130851 Findagrave# 77016749
Burial location: N 43.85246° W 075.93080°

Jesse Wright was born in Woburn, Middlesex, MA on 11 August 1753, the son of John and Mary Locke Wright. He married Lydia Parker. 4 August 1772 in Woburn, MA. Jesse Wright served in Captain Wynant's company of militia in Woburn. He died 13 July 1827 in Rodman, NY. He and Lydia are buried there in Isham cemetery.
Marked by Bruce Coyne, T.I. Chapter, ESSSAR

Seth Larabee

Photo not available
FAG# 77562950
Burial Location: N 44.02737° W 075.71607°

Seth Larabee /Larrabee/Laribee/Laraby was born in Windham, Windham, CT, in the year 1752 and died 1 June 1833 in Champion, Jefferson, NY. He is buried in Sunneyside cemetery, Great Bend, NY. In Windham, in October of 1778 he married Sally Barter who received a widows pension, W20404, for his service in the Revolution. Seth is listed in the 1835 census of Pensioners for Jefferson county, having transferred from Jackson county, Ohio where , in 1821, he applied for and received his pension, S18650 . He received his pension under the Act of 18 March 1818.

Seth Larabee enlisted about January 1777 in Brigadier General Huntington's Brigade of the Connecticut Line, serving as a private in Captain Vine Elderkin's company, under Colonel Herman Swift. He participated in the battles of Germantown and Monmouth and was discharged in January 1780. He reenlisted as a private in Captain Joseph Strong's company, of the Connecticut Line, under Col. Herman Swift for 3 years.
Marked by Bruce Coyne, T. I. Chapter, ESSSAR

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